How To Raise Your Profile

How to raise your profile

 31 Aug 2020

With the best will in the world, it’s easy to get overlooked for opportunities and even promotion if you don’t have a high enough profile with the decision makers in your organisation.

That doesn’t mean that you have to be loud or aggressive to get yourself noticed. There is more than one way to bring your name to the attention of the right people.

If you emanate a positive vibe, you will tend to automatically draw others to you. Always be friendly and approachable to everyone around you, from the most junior to the most senior of your colleagues. Excellent manners and a ready smile will take you a long way.

As with anything, to achieve a desired outcome, you also need to put in the groundwork first.


Raising your profile internally

There are a myriad of ways you can do this. Here are some examples:

  • Become your department’s “go-to person”. If something needs doing, be the first to put your hand up and volunteer. This could be anything from getting involved in a client project to organising an event. Keep it work related though. You want to be recognised for the right reasons.
  • Offer to write industry updates or newsletters on technical matters for internal circulation.
  • Ask if there is a particular process within your department that you can take responsibility for and manage. This will free up someone else’s time and give you the opportunity to regularly update the key stakeholders.
  • Write and deliver training on a particular topic.
  • Speak at an internal conference.
  • Network with internal influencers and those in a leadership position.
  • Seek written feedback where possible on a job well done. Not only can you present this at your appraisal, but it also affords the person giving the feedback time to think about and appreciate your sterling contribution!

You get the idea….


Raising your profile externally

Again, there are many possibilities and ways to do this.  Maybe think about some of the following and use them as inspiration to tailor to your own situation.

  • Organise and attend breakfast briefings for your clients.
  • Give presentations to your clients on topics of interest to them.
  • Put yourself forward to be a speaker at conferences.
  • Write technical updates or newsletters to send to clients.
  • Write an article for a technical magazine / publication.
  • Attend client events whenever possible.
  • Network at every opportunity.


Use of social media    

Social media is a great way to raise your profile and engage with your industry. Do however ensure that any public profiles you have are up to date, professional, appropriate and fit for purpose. Choose any profile picture of yourself accordingly.

Once you have crossed paths with contacts of interest, ensure you invite them to connect with you straightaway while the encounter is still fresh in their minds. Like and share work related content on appropriate platforms, writing your own supporting narrative.


Word of caution, don’t take on so much that you can’t deliver the value.  One thing done fabulously well is better than a number of things labelled mediocre. The whole point of raising your profile is that it has a positive effect on your career path and opens you up to opportunities you might not otherwise have had access to. So get your creative thinking cap on as to how you can positively influence those around you and get yourself noticed.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making your own opportunities. The only limit is your imagination.


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