Why use Buckley Consulting?

We are motivated by excelling at what we do - and as one of the very few independent companies which specialises solely in tax recruitment, our reputation is everything. 

Integrity - This is the foundation stone of everything we do. Our advice is always honest and constructive. We work closely in partnership with you, to understand your skills and your career aspirations. We always work with your best interests at heart. 

Market Knowledge - We know our market well - tax recruitment is all we do, and this focus, together with our prior experience of working as tax specialists, means that we benefit from broad and deep market expertise.

Connections - With combined tax experience of twenty years and tax recruitment experience of over twenty five years, we have an unrivalled network of contacts. Many of our clients have been candidates, and we have numerous relationships spanning over twenty years. 

Judgement - Buckley Consulting is a consulting practice in the truest sense of the word. We are not a CV production line, firing your CV to as many clients as we can find. We use our knowledge of our clients to make sure that we find the best 'fit' and coach you through the process from start to finish.