Top 5 reasons for a career move NOW

Top 5 reasons for a career move NOW

 24 Feb 2022

Market conditions

If ever there were an opportune time to consider your options, that time is now. The tax market is busy. Candidates are scarce. There is a greater choice of roles and firms than normal.

Doors may now be open to you that were previously firmly closed. An employer may be willing to take a punt on your skillset, even if you don’t tick all of their boxes but you show sufficient potential.


Work life balance

The pandemic has leapfrogged any strides we were previously making on this score. Employers are aware as never before that balance and wellbeing must now be core to strategy.

Most firms have implemented some sort of hybrid or flexible working as standard. If this is important to you and your current employer isn’t offering it, other employers will.


Remote working?

Previously almost unheard of, this has become a possibility. Not for all employers and not in all cases, but it’s worth asking. Is your perfect job in the wrong geographical location? Maybe that’s no longer a barrier.



With competition for candidates fierce, we have seen upward movement on base salaries. If you’ve not had a decent pay rise for a while or you think you’re underpaid, you could get an uplift.


Career advancement

The tax business is booming and with all growth comes opportunity, whether that be to specialise, to branch out into new things or a promotion.


It’s an exciting time for the tax industry. If you’ve been toying with the idea of looking for a new role, maybe it’s time to take the plunge…


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