How to stand out at work

How to stand out at work

 2 Feb 2023

Whether you are positioning for promotion in your current firm or looking to build your CV for new career opportunities, follow these steps to stand out from the crowd and give yourself the best chance of success.


Show initiative

Take ownership of tasks and projects and actively seek out new opportunities to contribute. This shows your willingness to take on responsibility and demonstrates your ambition.

One sure way of being considered for promotion is to show that you’re already operating at that level.


Deliver quality work

Ensure that the work you produce is accurate, thorough and meets or exceeds expectations. This will help establish your reputation as a reliable and competent member of the team.

Manage your workload though. Give yourself enough time to be able to produce great work. You won’t get the recognition you want for overcommitting and producing work which is below standard.



Build strong relationships with colleagues both within and outside of your immediate team. Attend company events and join professional organisations. This can help you gain exposure to new opportunities and expand your professional network.



Stay up to date with the latest technical developments and seek out training to improve your skills and knowledge. This demonstrates a commitment to personal growth and a desire to continuously improve.


Be positive

Maintain a positive attitude, be approachable and show empathy towards others. This helps build strong relationships and creates a more enjoyable work environment. This is especially relevant if you are responsible for managing others. You want your team members to feel comfortable approaching you for help and advice.


Be a team player

Collaborate effectively with others and demonstrate a positive attitude and strong work ethic. This will build trust and respect among team members and helps create a positive working environment.


Be results-orientated

Focus on delivering results and continuously improving processes and procedures. This helps demonstrate your ability to drive outcomes and achieve goals.


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