How to negotiate a payrise

How to negotiate a payrise

 14 Mar 2023

The majority of firms recognize that one of the key ways to attract and retain staff is to make sure that they pay scales are within market rate. But, how do you negotiate to best effect if you feel that your salary is falling behind and is no longer a fair reflection of improved skills and experience.


Before asking for a pay increase, it is vitally important to research market rates. You can check out what the average salary is for your position and location by researching job ads and using websites like Glassdoor. Check with your recruiter or get in touch with us at Buckley Consulting and we’ll let you know what you should be aiming for.

Your contribution

All too often, the individuals we advise play down their skills and accomplishments. Put your humility to one side and make a list of your achievements and the contributions you have made to your firm.  Include projects you have successfully completed, positive feedback received from clients or colleagues, and any new skills you have learnt. Highlight how you have added value to the firm and made a positive impact.

The meeting

Come to any salary discussion meeting prepared with your research and list of accomplishments. Start the conversation positively letting your boss know that you’re happy with your role and eager to continue your career with them.

Present your case, detailing the research you have carried out on market rates and listing your accomplishments to support an increase in salary. Be specific about the amount you’re asking for and explain why you believe it’s fair and reasonable.



Be open to other benefits. If your manager isn’t able to grant the increase you’re looking for, consider negotiating other benefits such as flexible hours, bonus or professional development opportunities.



When negotiating, it is important to be confident and professional, but also flexible and willing to compromise. Remember that you’re having a business conversation and your goal is to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. You don’t want to box yourself into a corner but equally you have the final decision on whether to stay or look for an alternative role with a higher salary.




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