3 easy ways to make your CV stand out

3 easy ways to make your CV stand out

 19 Oct 2023

Even in a market where jobs are in plentiful supply, it is important to make sure that your CV is impactful. Your CV is usually the first impression you make, so it’s crucial to ensure that it stands out from the rest.


1.Tailor your CV for each job application.

This is vital. It is a huge mistake to send out the same generic CV for every job application. Tailoring your CV is straightforward. Start by carefully reading the job description and identifying the key skills and qualifications that the employer is seeking. Then, customise your CV to showcase how your skills and experiences align with the requirements of the role. Consider adding a professional summary at the beginning of your CV. This should succinctly highlight your key skills, experiences and career goals. A well-crafted professional summary will help you stand out from other candidates.


2. Turn your CV from passive to active.

Don’t just list your responsibilities which will likely be similar or the same as other applicants. It is your achievements and impact that will make your CV memorable. Employers are not just looking for employees who can perform tasks; they want individuals who can make a difference and contribute positively to the organisation.

To make your CV stand out, include examples of where you have added value e.g., difficult assignments you have completed successfully, positive interactions with others which have helped the team etc. - anything that shows what you would bring to the prospective company in addition to the expected experience.

Make sure you talk in terms of “I” not “we”, and use power words to describe your skills e.g. initiated, achieved, established, spearheaded, accomplished, delivered, advised, ensured etc.


 3. A clear and concise format

First impressions matter and it is vital to make your CV easy to read. Use a clean, professional font and organise your CV into clear sections. To create a CV that stands out, focus on simplicity and clarity.

Experiment with layout, spacing and use of bullet points. If it is hard to plough through, the reviewer will likely skim read it and could easily miss key elements of your skills. Even worse, you risk the reviewer losing interest altogether and discarding your application; effective presentation can make all the difference.


 Taking some time to craft an impactful CV will be time well spent - it is the difference between securing an interview or not. If you are using a recruiter, a good one will work with you on this, asking you questions to draw out the skills the hiring company values, and preparing a compelling CV on your behalf. If not, by focusing on a clear and concise format, tailoring your CV for each job application, and showcasing your achievements, you can significantly increase your chances of catching the attention of potential employers.


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